Hi everybody! If you find yourself on inshapexplorer.com then you are most likely an outdoor enthusiast who loves hiking, travelling and generally just being on the move!

Hiking is becoming more popular every year, especially in my native Scotland, and this is why I’ve built this website. I aim to give you up to date and accurate buyer’s guides for products and informative route guides for the hikes that I have done. There are a lot of hiking route guides online but, being brutally honest, I never find any of them to be that accurate or reliable. I strive to make my website as informative, honest and helpful as possible for you.

me on the Acatenango volcano

I’ll also give you destination overviews of places I visit and what, for me, are the essential things to do in these places.


A Bit About Me

I’m Stephen and I was born and raised in the Highlands of Scotland. I still live here and love spending my free time exploring the Scottish wilderness and mountains. I also love travelling the world and exploring the great outdoors across the globe.

I decided to start this website after I spent a couple of years travelling through Latin America where I had some amazing outdoor experiences. I became addicted to exploring new places and climbing mountains. I came up with the name In Shape Explorer because I love staying healthy, in shape and exploring. They also combine well because if you are hiking then you are exploring and staying in shape all at the same time! When I travel to new places I also try and stay as active as possible by walking wherever I can and squeezing in as many hikes/treks as possible.

Apart from the above, I’m also a massive Manchester United fan, I love reading, watching films and any kind of exercise.


My Goal

My goal with In Shape Explorer is to give you an informative guide on each and every hike that I do. I want to share with you tips and advice on a variety of outdoors topics, thoroughly researched and honest gear reviews and, ultimately, I want to persuade more people to make the most of and explore the beautiful landscapes in Scotland and beyond. I also want to give you travel tips and list the top things to do in the places I visit.

I also ask that you please get involved on my site. There’s nothing that I love to talk about more than hiking and exploring in general so if you have anything interesting to share or any questions to ask, then please don’t hesitate in leaving a comment or dropping me a personal message!

All the very best and I look forward to hearing from you!



Founder of inshapexplorer.com