SaveSaveHi there and welcome!

I launched this website in 2017 with a main focus on exploring the mountains in Scotland, and beyond!


What do you get from visiting this site?

The goal is to provide useful guides and information on hiking and exploring, primarily Scotland’s mountains but as I develop the site I’ll be including hikes and treks further afield! This includes trip reports, hiking tips and gear reviews.

Two of my main passions are staying in shape and exploring new places. Hiking is one of the best ways to combine these and that’s where the name comes from!

Currently, I have visited 40 countries and I have hiked in several of them, this site will continue to get updated with each new place because I want to show you alternative ways to travel and explore! There’s so much more to many of the world’s countries than busy cities and typical tourist attractions.

Hiking and trekking are great ways to travel sustainably and they tend to take you well off the beaten tourist path. I really hope this website encourages you to do the same!


me and the five sisters of kintail

A Wee Story

Back in 2016, I climbed up a volcano in Central America. It was a tough hike reaching altitudes I had never even got close to before. From the top of this outstanding peak, I watched in awe as a neighbouring volcano erupted into the sky. It was hard to believe the strength and brutality of something so elegant. It presented me with a new outlook on life and the great outdoors.

Why am I telling you this?

It was that very moment I decided to create this website. I’ve always been passionate about exploring new places and being as active as possible – experiences like the one above allow us to combine them both.

The mountains and countryside allow you to see another side to wherever you’re travelling and for me offers so much more than a big city full of tourist traps.

I noticed there are barely any sites offering hiking guides focusing on more of the world’s ‘less-known’ peaks, nor encouraging us to travel by exploring the world’s mountains. I hope my site provides something slightly different and opens you up to a whole different world of travel/exploration.

The majority of my posts are initially focused on Scotland (because that’s where I live) but I’ll be steadily expanding!

Thanks for reading and welcome!


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