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Launched in 2017, In Shape Explorer is a blog for avid hikers and mountain climbers in Scotland and beyond! Stay tuned for hiking tips as well as informative mountain guides.


What do you get from visiting my site?

My goal is to provide useful guides on hiking and climbing ‘lesser known’ mountains. I start primarily in my homeland, Scotland, which is home to some of the most seldom touched but most spectacular peaks in the world.

I provide Tried & Tested gear reviews and loads of hiking Tips & Tricks ensuring YOU are as prepared as can be before, during and after hitting the hills.

Climbing mountains is not only a great way to keep yourself in shape, but also an excellent form of travelling ‘off the beaten track’ and seeing places that so many people wouldn’t even give a second thought. Not to mention it reduces the strain on our ever-expanding towns and cities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an inexperienced mountain climber, or even a complete beginner! Sure, some climbs involve knife-edge ridges and precarious scrambles, but you also have smaller hills with clearly marked tracks all the way to the top. It’s all about pacing yourself and going one level at a time.

Whatever your level, this site is for you.


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A Wee Story

Back in 2016, I climbed up a volcano in Central America. It was a tough hike reaching altitudes I had never even got close to before. From the top of this outstanding peak, I watched in awe as a neighbouring volcano erupted into the sky. It was hard to believe the strength and brutality of something so elegant. It presented me with a new outlook on life and the great outdoors.

Why am I telling you this?

It was that very moment I decided to create this website. I’ve always been passionate about keeping myself in shape (although not obsessively) and exploring the great outdoors. Hence the name – In Shape Explorer!

I noticed there are barely any sites offering hiking guides focusing on more of the world’s ‘less-known’ peaks, nor encouraging us to travel by exploring the world’s mountains. I hope my site provides something slightly different and opens you up to a whole different world of travel/exploration. 

Thanks for reading and welcome!


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