Sgorr Na Diollaid In Glen Cannich

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This Corbett of Sgorr na Diollaid stands alone in Glen Cannich and offers stunning views of the glen itself and the surrounding mountains. The hike is no easier than hiking a single munro with the steep and pathless slopes making for a relatively tough ascent and descent. The lack of path and unclear route makes this a hike that you probably want to avoid in poor visibility.

View from the summit of Sgurr na Diollaid


Corbett Climbed

Sgorr Na Diollaid – 818 metres (2684 ft) – pronounced SKOR-NA-KEELIK

If you would like more information on Scotland’s mountains and their various classifications then please check out this post.


Getting There

Head straight through the village of Cannich and at the main junction cross straight over the road and up the hill onto the single-track road. Follow this winding but very pretty route for approximately 4.5 miles (7.2 km) until you reach the bridge over the River Cannich. Keep an eye out for deer by the roadside. You can leave your car out the way in the small junction just before the bridge, or leave it on the side of the road straight after the bridge. Annoyingly, the space that used to be for parking now has a big ‘no parking’ sign.

Check out the map at the end of this post for the exact starting point.


Duration & Length

Duration: 2.5 – 5 hours.

Length: 4 miles (6.4 km).

Viewranger Screenshot Sgorr Na Diollaid

If you go for a power hike then you shouldn’t take much longer than 2.5 hours but if you prefer to take your time or aren’t a fast climber then allow for up to 5 hours.


Where To Stay

The closest place to stay with the easiest access to the peak is in Cannich. Here there are a couple of different options, most notably Cannich Woodland Camping. If you want to climb some more mountains while in the area then you can stay in the more remote Glen Affric Youth Hostel which is in the vicinity of several munros. The Cnoc Hotel is also a great option in Struy and is located very close to the entrance of Glen Strathfarrar, home to a further 4 munros.


The Hike

From the road, head straight up onto the mossy hill and keep going. As I already mentioned, there is no clear path so it’s a case of choosing the way for yourself where it looks best. I did it in November so the ground was especially wet and boggy.

Snowy selfie on Sgurr na Diollaid

I highly recommend downloading Viewranger onto your smartphone and following a specific route up to the summit. You will find that Sgorr na Diollaid has been uploaded by quite a few users. By doing this you always know where the summit is and don’t risk wandering too far astray.

Follow the mossy slopes all the way up until you see the rocky summit ahead. The initial section of rock jutting out is actually a false summit with the real summit being a bit further along. Climb up this rocky outcrop and follow the terrain down a slight dip and up the final section of rock. The final climb to reach Sgorr na Diollaid‘s highest point is a fairly straightforward old-fashioned scramble. You definitely want to get up to this point because the views are truly spectacular. The Mullardoch Munros look ominous to the west and the Strathfarrar Munros giants to the north.

Amazing view from Sgurr na Diollaid

The descent is back down the exact way you came up. You can also cross over the other way into Glen Strathfarrar but this is a lot more awkward due to the restricted access gate.

This is one of the area’s shorted hikes ideal if you’re in the area and don’t fancy tackling any of the nearby munros. It’s a fairly simple case of going straight up and back down the mountain-side with the trickiest section being the final rocky scramble. The highlight of the hike is undoubtedly the viewpoint from the summit.


To Conclude

Well worth the hike if you don’t fancy bagging a munro but would like to go hiking in the area. Sgorr na Diollaid shouldn’t be taken lightly, the lack of path makes the climb a bit of a slog at times but the views from the summit are stunning.

As always, thanks a lot for reading and if you have anything to add then please leave your message in the comments box below. 🙂




Starting Point Of Sgorr Na Diollaid



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