Superfeet Green Insoles Review: King Of Insoles

Jul 28, 2018 | Hiking, Reviews

  • Do you often find you have aching knees after a long hike?
  • Do you get shooting foot pains and a persistent sore foot for days after a long day in the mountains?
  • Are your boots maybe slightly too voluminous on the inside and you need something to reduce this volume ever so slightly?
  • Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis and simply need the best sole support out there?
  • Do you have a high arch and find that no boots/shoes have sufficient support?
  • Do you have flat feet or just foot pain in general?

If you answered YES to any of the above then welcome to my Superfeet green insoles review!

Any of the above could be caused by literally dozens of factors but, for me personally, starting to use supportive and robust insoles in my hiking boots solved the problem almost immediately.

It’s worth mentioning that these insoles aren’t just for hikers. They provide an effective solution to foot pain in almost every type of sporting or athletic footwear.

And in terms of supportive and sturdy insoles – it doesn’t get much better than green Superfeet.

Review Summary

Brand: Superfeet

Founders: Dr Dennis Brown and Dr Chris Smith in 1977

Best For: People suffering foot pain doing hiking or other sports and intense activities.

Price: £25 + on Amazon. Wide model slightly more expensive.

Why they are awesome:

  • Super shock-absorbing capacity.
  • Rigid plastic moulding means the soles won’t ‘flatten’ over time.
  • Stops your arch from collapsing and foot from splaying.
  • Enhanced comfort.
  • Can make potentially large or ‘roomy’ hiking boots fit better.

What Is Superfeet and Why Green?

In 1962, Dennis Brown became aware of the day to day pain and suffering caused by foot pain. Far from just hikers and athletes. From waitresses to factory workers – he came to the realisation that foot pain was a ubiquitous problem and one that people ‘just lived with’.

He decided it shouldn’t be this way and so, after over a decade of research and trial and error, Superfeet was launched in 1977.

That’s a long story cut short. You can see more about Superfeet’s interesting history by watching this video.


Superfeet comes in an array of shapes and sizes, each one with a specific goal in mind. This gives you a rough idea of the sheer number of insoles on offer!

Green is the one I’ll be focusing on in this post because it’s the one that benefits hikers, climbers and those doing any kind of physical activity!

Remember, everybody is different so only YOU can decide what’s best for your feet.

The green insoles have the highest profile arch out of any Superfeet model and are the most voluminous insoles. They offer maximum support and a thicker foam cushion than other models – ideal for those of us covering long distances.

A Couple of Cool Things About Superfeet

  • They have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • They donate 1% of sales to charities helping people get back on their feet – in both a literal and non-literal sense.
  • Every year, they head out to Central America to work on community impact projects.

Know that your money is not only going towards the comfort and longevity of your feet but also towards some great causes.

arch of insole

A profound arch and thick foam maximise support and comfort

Blue, black, orange and the other Superfeet models are tailored for slightly different needs.

How Exactly Do They Work?

Genetically, our feet have formed to suit a variety of terrains – hence the arch.

In reality, however, modern advancements such as shoes and flat surfaces have facilitated our ability to get by on a day to day basis. These advancements don’t really conform to the shape of our feet – this is where Superfeet (or any orthotic insoles) comes in.

Superfeet offer your feet the ability to maintain their natural shape, no matter the duration or intensity of your activity. They must always be a replacement for your boots’/shoes’ original insoles.

Fitting the green Superfeet insoles doesn’t get much easier:

  1. Take the original insoles out of the shoe or boot.
  2. Place the original sole on top of the Superfeet insole and draw a line around it.
  3. Carefully cut along the line with scissors.
  4. Insert your new insole inside the desired footwear!
putting superfeet insole inside hiking boot

Fitting the insoles into footwear is straightforward

They reduce the strain on our feet, ankles, knees and even sometimes our back. Everything is connected and it all starts with having the right support.

The plastic cap at the base is moulded to the heel and gives the insole added shock absorption properties.

It has a deep heel which keeps our foot locked in position and provides extra support.

Important: The green insoles can make tight-fitting footwear even tighter. Many shops nowadays have orthotic insole templates ready for you to try but take your own just in case!

What I Like About Superfeet Green Insoles

  1. They are robust and long-lasting. Superfeet claims they’ll last 12 months or 500 miles – I’m willing to bet longer.
  2. They lock your feet in place with a deep heel cup.
  3. The plastic mould absorbs shock, reducing strain on your ankles and upwards.
  4. They stop your arch from collapsing which prevents a plethora of potential problems.
  5. They have an ‘odour control‘ lining which is great for when you sweat!
  6. They can be used for any activity, not just hiking.
  7. Dense foam material adds comfort in addition to the support.
  8. Prevents over-pronation.
  9. Great value for money – Superfeet do a similar job to custom-made orthotics which can cost in the hundreds.
  10. While they do have a greater volume than most insoles, the raising of your arch prevents toes from splaying which actually benefits those with wide feet.

What I’m Not Too Keen On

  1. It takes time for your feet to familiarise themselves with the insoles. I’ve never had this problem, but have heard of people taking a few walks or hikes to ‘break them in’.
  2. Must be cut to size.
  3. Many people see them as being expensive. I beg to differ – see above point on great value for money.
  4. They can slightly reduce volume inside most footwear, but very marginally.

To Conclude

For me personally, Superfeet, or any arch-supporting insoles for that matter, have been a godsend.

In 2017, I started getting chronic throbbing on my feet that would persist for days after a long hike or walk. After being recommended Superfeet, I’ve never looked back and I’ve not felt that pain ever since.


In a nutshell, they are great because:

  • They provide excellent arch support.
  • They alleviate problems with over-pronation.
  • Long lasting and comfortable.
  • They keep your feet in a ‘natural’ position which is good for your feet all the way up to your back.
  • They can be used by anyone on their feet all day who suffer pain, not just intense activities.

Think they are for you? Check them out here.

I’ve written this review based on my personal experience this product has changed my entire hiking experience. Whether it be hiking, running, walking snowsports, or simply on your feet all day – there’s an extremely good chance that Superfeet green insoles will be the solution.

If you have similar pains but are looking for something to fit in your casual shoes or to go on top of a sewn insole then you should have a look at Superfeet blue.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review and if it was useful please leave a comment below or share. 🙂

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