The Ben Wyvis Walk In Ross And Cromarty

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Ben Wyvis Car Park

The Ben Wyvis walk is undoubtedly considered one of the easiest and most ‘family-friendly’ of the 282 Munros in Scotland. It felt like a really social mountain as we made our way up. We passed entire families, tourists, couples walking their dogs, and even a guy who was running up!

The start of the ben wyvis walk

With the summit at 1046 metres (3432 feet), it is significantly higher than its neighbouring hills. You start at about 111 metres above sea level so the whole ascent is roughly 935 metres.

I would definitely consider Ben Wyvis as more of a ‘walk’ than a hike. There’s only really one section that I would say is tough, and even here you are aided by a set of steps.

Towering and lonesome, Ben Wyvis can be seen from many miles away on a clear day. Its predominance being down to the fact that it stands alone, making it, along with a select few other Munros, one of the most isolated in the country.


Getting There

Ben Wyvis is in the Ross and Cromarty area of the northern Highlands.  Head north from Inverness and follow signs for Dingwall and, before you get to Dingwall, take a left turn at Conon Bridge. From here you follow the road (towards Ullapool) and, about a mile or two past Garve, you’ll find the Ben Wyvis car park on your right-hand side.

The pin on the map above is the starting point, from here the walk is very self-explanatory.


The Ben Wyvis Walk

There is a very clear path from the car park all the way up to the cairn on the summit, you’d have to be walking with your eyes closed to go wrong at any point.

Ben Wyvis information point

The hike itself is a steady uphill track for the first mile or so. From here the trail steepens in a kind of zig-zag fashion. You’ll then get to a set of steps which take you up about half of the steepest section. There’s then a bit of a rocky scramble for 5/10 minutes and not long after you’ll find yourself at the first cairn.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t the summit. If it’s a clear day then this will be very self-explanatory. Remember, though, that this is Scotland so a clear day can never be guaranteed!

From here on it is literally a case of following the ridge all the way along to the summit. This ridge walk should take around 20-30 minutes.

You can’t go wrong here because they’ve laid down some kind of mesh which, from what I gathered, is there to protect certain parts of the moss. You’ll see these about every 100 feet so just follow them all the way to the final cairn.

On the summit of Ben Wyvis

On a good day, you will be met with some beautiful views from the summit. When I did it there was no such luck.

It was actually really warm and sunny all the way up until the ridge where suddenly you could only see about 4 metres in front of you. Again, this is not uncommon even in the summer!




Definitely one of the most straightforward Munros. A very easy route to follow and it even has some stairs to help you at the steepest section.

The mountain was considerably busy for a reason. The fact that it’s really easily accessible and not a challenging hike makes it great for a family walk or an afternoon out.


Duration & Length

Duration: 3-6 hours.

Length: 10 miles (16km) according to my GPS (MapMyHike).

Screenshot from MapMyHike

We (my brother and I) did it in just over 3 hours but we were on a bit of a mission that day. We were in trainers and shorts which I generally wouldn’t recommend for any Munro. The Ben Wyvis walk could maybe be one of the exceptions.

I would say 3 – 5 hours if you are in good shape and are walking at a brisk pace, if not then set aside 4 – 6 hours. Either way, it’s one of the shorter Munros. 🙂

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