The North Face Straight Paramount 3.0 Convertible Trousers Review

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Product: Straight Paramount 3.0 Convertible Trousers.
Brand: The North Face.
Price: From £57.90 on Amazon (North Face Store).
Colour: Grey, brown or beige.

ideal hiking trousers


Do I Recommend This Product?


These North Face paramount trousers are comfortable, lightweight, flexible and not overly priced which makes them a worthwhile buy. For gear like this, I always recommend that you pay slightly more and go with a reputable brand than something dirt-cheap. The pros vastly outweigh the cons which I’ll go into in more detail in this review.



  • Nylon fabric makes them extremely comfortable.
  • Protective against UV rays.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Bottom half can be unzipped to form shorts.
  • Zip pocket especially for mobile phones.



  • Hand pockets maybe slightly high and tight.



Comfortable hiking trousers are among the most important pieces of kit for your expedition out into the hills. Today I want to review what, for me, have been the best hiking trousers of 2017. The North Face has always been the producers of excellent hiking gear and these hiking trousers are no different.

The 96% nylon material means that the trousers are extremely lightweight. They do a great job of letting your legs breathe which is essential for hotter times of the year. Nylon also adds a degree of insulation which helps in colder conditions but it’s worth mentioning that you should wear thermals underneath for extra warmth in winter.

The nylon material also means that, if they do get wet in the rain, they will dry quickly. They are also water-resistant so will protect you from any light showers out on the hills. That being said, I do recommend that you carry a pair of waterproof trousers because they won’t help you much in a washout.

zip on paramount rousers

These trousers are ideal for all weather conditions. This is one of the main things which sold them to me because I was specifically looking for something fit for all year round. If you find yourself on a long trek in the summer and the sun is too hot then you can simply zip off the lower leg section of the trousers which converts them into hiking shorts.This can be quickly done and the lower zips mean you don’t have to take off your boots to do so.

There are a decent amount of pockets on the trousers: 2 normal sized back pockets, 1 zip pocket specifically for a phone, 2 normal sized side pockets. I would maybe say that the side pockets are a little bit too tight and shallow but this is a minor problem. The zip pocket is perfect for any standard mobile phone size but since I purchased an iPhone 7 Plus it has become a bit of a squeeze. The phone fits with no case but I tend to use a chunky, robust case for when I’m out hiking which means I need to keep it in one of the side pockets. The pockets are meshed so very breathable and lightweight.

The waist belt is great for tightening and loosening at your leisure. The belt is elasticised and actually attached to the trousers with a plastic clip allowing for easy adjustment. The clip can be removed if you wish.



They are hiking trousers and can be used in any kind of trek whether it be long or short. As already mentioned, the detachable lower leg means that getting too hot isn’t an issue on a longer hike. They also have the advantage of looking smart (which isn’t always the case for hiking trousers) so can be used on a day to day basis if you wish. Besides hiking, they are also ideal for climbing and camping.


Value For Money

When I was looking for some decent hiking trousers a couple of months ago I ummed and ahhed over whether I should buy a cheap pair or fork out a little more for a decent pair. It was very tempting to just spend less because, after all, they are just trousers right?

I eventually decided to go for this pair because they just couldn’t be beaten in terms of comfort. The cheaper pairs all had their own issues, the main one being that they didn’t quite feel right above the knees.

If you’re looking for some cheap hiking trousers which will be adequate maybe just for a couple of seasons or a few months then maybe these aren’t the ones for you. If, however, you are looking for hiking trousers which can be fit for any season and provide maximum comfort while you’re out on the hills then with these you have a winner. I’m glad I spent a bit extra and went for these, I have used them on every hike and have very few negative words to say.


My Experience

I do most of my hiking in the Highlands of Scotland so all-weather gear is essential. For several months now I have only used these trousers and they are still in the exact same state as when I bought them. One particular scare I got was when I hiked the Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan Group of munros in Glen Affric. I was cycling to start the hike and the trousers got caught in the gear cog. For most pairs of trousers this would be an almost certain rip or some kind of damage but not with the Paramount 3.0 Convertible Trousers. There wasn’t a mark on them and this was a stand-out occasion where I was almost convinced that there would be some damage.

phone pocket on paramount trousers

I recommend washing them with a slightly lower heat (30 degrees) in order to not damage the fabric but even if you don’t the effects should be minimal. Every time I get them back from the wash it’s like I have a brand new pair of trousers again. They are more than what I need and I won’t be buying any more hiking trousers for quite some time. This makes £57.90 a bargain.

I went for the grey colour just because it’s what I preferred when trying them on. They all look good and it’s just a matter of personal preference.


Final Review

Comfortable, lightweight, breathable, weather-resistant and good value for money make these North Face Straight Paramount 3.0 Convertible Trousers an excellent buy from Amazon. The main buying factor for me was the fact that they are lightweight and can convert into shorts in a matter of seconds.

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